Certification Services

PED Certification & Third Party Inspection

Sapphire Engineering Limited has been manufacturing vessels to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) since its legislation became obligatory in May 2002 throughout the EU communities. We provide pressure vessels with the CE marking according to the legislation & within the framework of ASME VIII Div 1, ASME BPE, EN 13445 & API 650. Notified Body Inspection (PED) is carried out by Irish Engineering Services Limited or we can liaise with the client’s preferred notified body.

In House Documentation & Certification

We can provide hard copies and electronic versions of data dossiers on the client’s request. Our internally generated documents from our Quality Control Department include Hydrostatic Test Certification, PED Certification, ATEX Certification, FAT Documentation, Surface Finish Readings & Dye Pen Certification just to list a few. Our fabricators are fully coded & we supply welder qualifications and procedures with our documentation.

Inspection Reporting & Other Certification Services

Sapphire Engineering also provide our own inspection services for our clients with our team of highly experienced staff on all types of process equipment and vessels. Inspections carried out on site or in our works as the case may be. Sapphire Engineering has a long established relationship with our suppliers, who take our clients requirements as seriously as we do. We provide Electropolishing Certification, Degreasing & Passivation Certification, and NDT Certification including Eddy Current. We have access to these services close at hand to ensure the fastest project delivery possible.