Design & Manufacturing

Stainless Steel & Alloy Pressure Vessels

Sapphire Engineering carries out design & manufacturing in stainless steel and nickel alloys for a variety of industries. We design fabricate and install both Pressure vessels and Atmospheric vessels, we have extensive design and manufacturing experience in mobile vessels & larger vessels such as chemical reactors and storage tanks.

Heat Exchangers & Charge Canisters

We manufacture heat exchangers and condensers to our client’s requirements in stainless steel pipe or plate. Our design and production teams can produce heavy duty charge chutes for product loading and extraction in both stainless steel and alloy materials.

CIP Equipment & Accessories

Our company can design & fabricate equipment for cleaning in process and provide various sampling devices to suit. We manufacture spray lances dip tubes and sparge pipes to our client’s specifications. Sapphire Engineering can also carry out testing and installation at the client’s request.

Platforms & Stairways

Sapphire Engineering also designs and installs platforms & ladders for internal and external installations. We can manufacture and install hand railing and safety rails for new and existing structures, including clean room environments.