Onsite Services

Site Fabrication & Site Installation

We have extensive experience in building vessels in confined sites and finding solutions to the problems of limited space for fabrication and installation. We can fabricate the vessels in our workshop and install at the client’s site or we can build & install onsite depending on each projects unique settings. We also design load cell arrangements and fabricate & install the various set ups as per our clients specifications.

Derouging & Polishing

Our team of polishers are highly experienced in producing high finish results on material that has suffered corrosive attack and staining. We use our specifically developed techniques which we have tailored over many years of polishing to get the best results for each job. We also provide cleaning services for plant equipment during shutdown periods.

Retrofit & Modifications

Sapphire Engineering can carry out large scale modifications to vessels and other plant equipment. We provide the required flexibility for your production schedule so as to cater for your processes continuity. Our design team works closely with our clients, utilising CAD and our expertise to optimize results in the upgrading of older equipment and processes.